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About Kidneys

Most commonly we assume that Kidneys are the natural filters in our body. Medically kidney functions are known as renal functions.
Human kidneys are two bean-shaped organs of about five-inches long, three-inches wide and one-inch thick located in the back on each side of our spine. Our kidneys are normally sized as a fist and weighs from four to six ounces. They are situated above the waist, with the left kidney a little higher and a little larger. The right kidney is a little lower and smaller to accommodate the positioning of the liver.

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About Lets talk Kidney


Kidney Diseases

??Let??s Talk Kidneys?? is an association of like minded people who will like to intervene for assistance and information to CKD patients and their families.


Understanding kidney disease or renal disease begins when our kidneys are no longer able to remove waste from our body efficiently to maintain the fluid balance.

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Functions of Kidneys

Common assumption is that the kidneys are responsible for producing urine, but in addition to this there are several vital functions of Kidneys in our body like :

  • Removing extra fluid and water from your body

  • Filtering the blood

  • Balancing fluid content in our body

  • Produce renin enzyme to control blood pressure

  • Maintain healthy bones by activating vitamin D

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Preventive measures

Kidney disease often has no symptoms, and it can go undetected until very advanced. But a simple urine test can tell you if you have kidney disease. Remember, it's important to get tested because early detection and treatment can slow or prevent the progression of kidney disease.
6 Things Healthy Kidneys Do:

  • Regulate the body??s fluid levels

  • Filter wastes and toxins from the blood

  • Release a hormone that regulates blood pressure

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My Kidney Story
Vandana Yadav
Hello, I am a kidney receiver and this is my kidney story.

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I am Dr. A.K. Goyal, Chief Medical Officer at MPSEB Govindpura Bhopal

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