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Let’s Talk Kidneys - What is it?

Let’s Talk Kidneys” is an association of like minded people who will like to intervene for assistance and information to CKD patients and their families. It has started as an offshoot of the work of Riya Kesari. Riya Kesari, a student of Grade 12, Billabong High International School, Bhopal started interning with Dr Gopesh Modi on a project “Development of Chronic Kidney Disease in the Gas Affected Population of Bhopal, India: "A cross sectional study to assess knowledge, attitudes and impact of Chronic Kidney Disease ”.

Riya was in contact with Dr Modi since 2010, when her grandmother was afflicted with End Stage Renal Disease. In the course of the study many new facets of CKD patients and their issues came up. Riya expressed her desire to give back to the society and to assist such patients and their families to her parents Ritu & Ajit Kesari and Dr Modi. In one such discussion with Riya Kesari and Dr Gopesh Modi, it was agreed that a society should be formed with like minded people to take this work forward in a sustainable way. Mrs Shilpy Varshney, who had previously undertaken a study of Dialysis Facilities in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2011, also was involved in the effort.


The objectives of Let’s Talk Kidneys are:

  • Providing Information Useful for CKD patients about the disease and related aspects.

  • Providing information about prevention of CKD for general population.

  • Providing information to CKD patients about various avenues from where assistance can be sought.

  • Acting as an advocacy group with Government and Hospitals to raise CKD issues.

  • Promoting assistance to CKD patients for Dialysis and transplants.

  • Acting as an advocacy group on Live and Cadaver Kidney donation for CKD patients.

  • Organizing Camps / Workshops about the mentioned objectives.

The activities proposed are

  • Preparation of Website for information ( ).

  • Running a helpline through phone number (missed calls) / SMS / email / website contact. These messages or requests will be replied by a Medical Social Worker / Doctors for specific queries. (The assistance will not involve Medical Guidance or Advice for Treatment.)

  • Take up awareness generation issues and dialogues on Kidney diseases.

  • “Donate a Dialysis” system. To create a link between donor and certified patients through their hospitals.

  • To take up an advocacy role with the Government for awareness on Kidney diseases and organ transplants.

  • Arrange for discussions with Government and Large Hospitals on CKD issues.

  • Tie up with other organizations which have similar objectives and support their activities locally if they are based outside Bhopal.

The group has started functioning with the initial round of discussion held on 27th November 2015 in Bhopal. Initially 29 individuals have joined the initiative and have charted out their next steps and will continue with a monthly discussion and activities.

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