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Let’s Talk Kidneys: The Project

Riya Kesari, a student of Grade 12, Billabong High International School, Bhopal started interning with Dr Gopesh Modi on a project “Development of Chronic Kidney Disease in the Gas Affected Population of Bhopal, India: A cross sectional study to assess knowledge, attitudes and impact of Chronic Kidney Disease ”.

The Project

The project involved a literature review to understand various facets of CKD and its linkages with the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. An observational study was undertaken in the existing patients and their families and amongst the general population involving both gas affected and non-affected areas.


The positive part is that people have a better understanding about the major role played by kidneys in our body but have a low understanding on the major causes that lead to CKD and the irreversible nature of the disease. The disease has afflicted people of all ages although a majority is of the middle ages and beyond 50 yrs. Most people were detected a late stage and hence there is a felt need for early detection and preventive steps. The families of the existing patients have a low understanding of the fact that they have a higher risk and need to be cautious. Transplant is an option most patients have considered but lack of donor, procedural delays and cost of transplant has allowed only a few to actually get a transplant. Cadaver transplant is nearly non-existent in the State and has not helped the patients very much.

The affect of CKD has been listed out by most on various aspects like eating, visits outside home, physical activity.  The cost of dialysis is a major concern for all, but the Gas Rahat department has provided a relief to most. The previous study of 2011 has also pointed out to the low coverage of dialysis centers in the State and low availability of trained dialysis technicians. The study had also pointed out many aspects of cost of dialysis and low awareness amongst existing patients and their families.


The report has been submitted to the National Medical Journal of India for publication as a letter to the editor.  

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